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Contemporary Kitchen Stools

The original glider
The original glider

I made these stools from black walnut (for the seat) and cherry (for the legs). I got the inspiration from a video that I saw from a French woodworker named Boris Beaulant.  I adapted his design to make them taller and suitable to sit at a kitchen counter  You can find his design here.

The stools are made from black walnut (for the seats) and cherry (for the legs).

Photo of the steel bars and bearings

I used walnut that was roughly 8" wide that I cut to be 65" long. This would be enough material to cut 8 squares that were 7 3/4".


The cherry was about 10" wide that I cut to get eight 3" boards for the length.


 I jointed and planed all of the wood to be 1" thick.

Photo of the miled and cut pieces

There were several voids that I needed to fill with epoxy.  I used clear epoxy for some of the voids, and then I added brown dye to fill some of the other voids to give the wood a bit of character.

To see the rest of the steps, click here.

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