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Contemporary Kitchen Stools


I made these contemporary kitchen stools based on a design from French woodworker Boris Beaulant. My stools are taller and suitable to be used for sitting at a kitchen counter and are made from Black Walnut and Cherry.

Front Hall Bench


I made this bench for our front entrance so that people can sit and put on their shoes. It's made from black walnut and birds eye maple. It has a modern design, almost too modern for our house, but I still like it.

How to Make Cutting Boards - 3 Different Ways


In this video I show how to make cutting boards in 3 different ways. I made a face grain cutting board, an edge grain cutting board, and an end grain cutting board. Each type has its pros and cons.

Cedar Glider


I made this glider from Spanish Cedar based on a glider that I made 20 years ago in celebration of the birth of my daughter.  Watch as I reverse engineer my existing glider and make it again.

Walnut and Maple Picture Frame


In this video, I make a frame for a painting that my daughter made. She is current enrolled in the Fine Arts program at VCU and majoring in painting.

Full-Featured Drill Press Table


In this video I make a new auxiliary table for my drill press. It has t-tracks for adding a fence, clamps, and stop blocks, and it has a hinged base to enable drilling on a compound angle.

Versatile Drill Press Fence


In this video I build a drill press fence that I designed. It has a dust collection port at the back to pull away shavings and dust. It also has two face plates for the fence. A low face plate for drilling in close quarters, and a high face place for drilling into taller pieces.

Wooden Landscape Lighting


I made these contemporary wooden lamps for our entryway. The light reflects off a Spanish Cedar top angled at 20 degrees. The top also serves to protect the LED bulb from rain and snow. Made from Sipo (Utile) and Black Walnut.

DIY Picture Frame


This DIY picture frame has the print suspended between two acrylic sheets so that it is suspended in mid air. It's an easy-to-make project with a high-end look.

How to Make a Cutting Board with Inlay


I show you how to make a cutting board with an inlay. This cutting board has 3 through inlays: one with maple and walnut, one with walnut, and one with padauk. This makes an attractive cutting board or serving tray.

Shadow Box Coffee Table


My neighbor is retiring from the U.S. Navy and he asked me to build a shadow box coffee table to display all of his memorabilia. Watch as we build this piece of furniture together.

Making a Cube within a Cube


In this video, I make six cubes to be gifts. This is a pretty easy project that you can make using a drill press.

Efficient Dust Collector


After cleaning up from making the drill press table, I was amazed at how well my Dust Deputy worked to collect all the dust particles and prevent them from entering the shop vac.

Upgrading a Table Saw to 220V


Watch how I upgrade my table saw to 220/240V.  It's really easy to do on most table saws. All it takes is reconnecting a few wires and changing the plug.

Upgrading my Table Saw with a Dust Collector


After 10 years of cleaning up after each use, I've finally decided to create a dust collector for my table saw. It's far from perfect, but it does collect a LOT of dust that would otherwise fall on the floor.

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